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Silver partner -

How did it all start? Few guys played the “we should build an IT job board” song on repeat (to their management). Unfortunately, they didn't realize that they forgot to uncheck the mute option for quite some time. But then, three years ago, WTWIWTG*.

* A famous old acronym – What They Wanted Is What They Got. :)

Basically, our mission is to make tech recruitment faster and easier, while making the IT market more transparent. We provide a comprehensive list of IT job offers and try to cover all IT related job openings in Serbia. We are a place where anybody can have a sneak peek into IT companies that operate in Serbia – we collect and publish publicly available information and provide a place where former and current employees can see what others had to say about IT companies they worked for. Also, visitors can share their own experiences about these companies as well. has launched one more project – altTab. This platform is a place where experienced IT professionals get exclusively those job offers that suit them.

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