Your logo on the ticket

Your logo will be visible on tickets and its position depends of shape and size. All tickets will be in e-format.

Your logo on conference swag bag

The exact position of the logo will be determined according to its shape.

Speakers dinner access

You would be exclusively invited to speakers dinner and be our guest alongside speakers and organizers.

Possibility to be part of a CFP team

As part of CFP team, you will be involved in making the final list of talks and workshops alongside with our official Programm Comity. 

Long term collaboration

Our collaboration would not be terminated once the conference is over. We are planning meetups, posts, podcasts and other activities.

Company presentation between talks

We would like to know about you and our idea is to do a live presentation that reflects what you do. This presentation should be created by you.

Your company mentioned in press releases

Each time we are being interviewed regarding this event, or in our official press media releases, you would be part of the discussion. Your name and contribution would be mentioned.

Attendees contact data (According to GDPR)

Contact data will be gathered during the entire conference and it will all be done according to GDPR.

Logo on conference presentation slides

Your logo will be featured in presentation slides that is going to be played during the breaks.

Presentation in official mobile app

You would have a full presentation in our app which implies written content, images, etc.

Free regular tickets

You would have the opportunity to attend all the talks during the conference, free of charge.

Logo in the official newsletters

Your logo will appear in all of the newsletters we will be sending.

Placement of flyer/gifts in conference swag bag

All conference attendees will get swag bags and they will contain branded gifts and flyer.

Full presentation on conference blog

You would have a full presentation on our official blog – text, images, etc.

Conference booth

You would be entitled to your own space at the venue (the exact area depends on the type of package you choose). You would get the default setup - the rest is up to you.

Conference ticket discount

Get your conference tickets with discount. Discount depends on type of package you choose.

Flyer/gifts distributed on organiser booths

We would place all of your flyer and gifts on our booth and they will be available for all visitors and participants to get.

Promotion through our social media channels

We would promote your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Logo on the conference website

Your logo will be featured on our official website and its exact position will depend on its position will be determined by the type of package you have chosen.

Placement of your logo on official conference logo wall

Your logo will be placed on the logo wall. This wall is positioned at the conference building, along with each partner's company name in plain sight, along with the name of the conference and logo.