Gold partner - Think Innovative

Gold partner - Think Innovative

A new, unique coworking & business hub

The city of Niš got a new coworking hub “Think Innovative” that extends across more than 3,700 square meters, and it’s designed for local tech companies, startups, individuals, freelancers, and all those who have a need to develop their business in a modern and advanced environment. Think Innovative is open 24/7, it has 4 meeting rooms, a big conference room with 100 spots, gym, cafe, and even a room for (creative) thinking. The hub has 365 workplaces which makes it the biggest coworking space of this kind in Serbia.

It’s located in the complex of the former Electronics industry and it became a place of gathering to different communities, user groups, individuals, workshops, different types of education, meetings, and events. An increasing number of companies organize team buildings, conferences, and meetups here, and the hub also hosts communities from different cities.

The concept of the hub is “hybrid space” - a combination of a coworking zone and offices, along with mutual zones which encourage entrepreneurship, sharing knowledge and creativity as an example of best practices here and in the world.

Space as experience is what makes the Think Innovative hub specific in this region. Teams of artists, designers and engineers have specifically come up with every part of the hub and gave advantage to natural light, comfort, and inspiration for its occupants.

Think Innovative is a place of gathering and support to the growing entrepreneurial community in one of the three IT centers in Serbia, along with Belgrade and Novi Sad. The hub strive to make innovations a habit, brainstorming our daily activity and to put creativity into everything we create together. This is a modern workspace based on the highest world standards. The experience behind this hub is the value and support it gives to future entrepreneurs and their ideas at the beginning of their business journey.