Panel discussion "Road to seniority"

Panel discussion "Road to seniority"

We do our best to bring something new each year.

On the first day of this years' conference we have prepared, with imense help from our friends from all over the world, panel discussion "Road to seniority".

Panel will be moderated by Miro Svrtan, and panelists are: Juliette Reinders FolmerRafael Dohms and Milan Popovic.

Miro, a veteran of PHP affairs, BDD practitioner, devops enthusiast, is known in the entire region by his contributions to the development of IT communities.

You will meet Juliette and Rafael at their respective talks at PHP Serbia 2019. Milan is one of the founders of PHP Serbia and an acknowledged developer.

About the discussion:

We are all aware that 'senior' has different value and meaning from company to company, lets try to lay some foundation: ideas, concepts, terms & expectations that are generally expected.

Idea behind this panel is to have a whole harted discussion and ask from panelists to share their lessons, stories, experiences & opinions. We invite you to participate with your questions, comments and thoughts. All you have to do is raise your hand and wait for microphone!