Micro Frontends - A microservice approach to the modern web

The web is changing every day and it's so hard to follow and implement all the new and fancy stuff that is being built. Cool new frameworks, libraries, methodologies and new approaches to solving problems. Usually is not that easy to deprecate some old technology and migrate to the new one. There are not many developers that still want to work with Angular 1 or Backbone and moving to something new is becoming necessary. If this sounds familiar to you, then this talk is for you! There is an innovative way to migrate from the old technology, to change the applications step by step and to implement all new things that the cool kids are using. This is the story of Micro Frontends, a microservice approach to the modern web, the story that will change the way you look and develop your apps!

Track B, 11:30 25.05.2019
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Ivan Jovanovic

Independent Consultant