Matthieu Napoli

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Serverless & PHP Consultant

Matthieu is a software consultant who has been developing web applications for 10 years. He is the author of open source projects like BrefPHP-DI and Silly. He worked in the PHP-FIG on PSR-11 and PSR-15. He loves working with serverless technologies and finding solutions to make PHP development simpler and better.

Speaker's talks

  • Serverless PHP applications with Bref

    Regular Talk Advanced

    Serverless and its "functions as a service" promise us cheap and scalable applications. What is it like in reality? And how to merge the mature PHP ecosystem with these new architectures and tools? Where do HTTP and CLI applications fit in all this? How about Laravel and Symfony? Let's explore those questions and illustrate the answers with case studies and "Bref", an open source solution for deploying PHP applications on AWS Lambda.

  • Creating serverless PHP applications

    Workshop Advanced

    In this workshop we will learn what are serverless PHP applications and how to deploy them on AWS Lambda using Bref.