Creating serverless PHP applications

Duration: 3h

Prerequisites: You will need your own laptop with PHP and Docker installed. You should create an AWS account beforehand, if you have trouble with this try to show up early and I will help you. Everything in this workshop should be covered by the free tier of AWS.

Description: In this workshop we will learn what are serverless PHP applications and how to deploy them on AWS Lambda using Bref.

We will start from simple PHP scripts and run them as FaaS (Function as a Service) on AWS Lambda. Progressively we will move on to more complex applications and deploy APIs based on PHP frameworks. You will get an overview of the serverless offering of AWS and its services, for example CloudFront, RDS, CloudFormation, etc. At the end of the day you will know which one to use for databases, logs, assets, automating deployments, etc. Previous knowledge of serverless and AWS is not necessary.

Workshop room 2, 14:00 24.05.2019
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Matthieu Napoli

Serverless & PHP Consultant @ Null