Symfony as a software engineer: hexagonal architecture and interoperability

Duration: 3h

Description: While framework documentations usually are about Rapid Application Development, most jobs you get as a software engineer are about doing very specific business features, in agile environment.

Aiming to provide an approach beyond the official documentation, we will emulate a very simple web application, starting from a Symfony skeleton and adding many requirements all along the tutorial.

  • using different template renderer (in case you need very specific views)
  • using events and decorators
  • repositories and collection, how to be more precise in your contracts
  • MVC vs ADR
  • Hexagonal architecture, a layered architecture for more flexibility
  • why you should not use annotations
  • DTO and scalar values, why you should never ever inject scalar values
Workshop room 2, 09:00 24.05.2019
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Thomas Dutrion

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