2019 Talks

  • Keynote Talk

    Zeev Suraski Zeev Suraski's' country flag

    CTO @ Zend Technologies

    Version 7 radically changed PHP’s position in the context of performance and sparked considerable renewed enthusiasm around the language. With the ever-changing technology landscape, we’re not sitting idle in the development team – and are already hard at work on new technologies and capabilities that will keep PHP as the technology of choice for years to come.  In this session, we will tell the story of how PHP 7 was conceived and the impact it has on the PHP space, as well as provide a glimpse into some of the research projects that will likely make it into the next major version of PHP, designed to ensure PHP stays relevant with emerging technology paradigms.

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  • Hello my name is "if"

    Sebastian Feldmann Sebastian Feldmann's' country flag

    Lead Technical Advisor @ CHECK24

    Me and my little brothers 'else', 'elseif' and my bigger sister 'switch' are most likely all over your codebase. 

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  • Be nice, help the person who hacks your servers to get your data

    Srdjan Vranac Srdjan Vranac's' country flag

    Founder @ Code4Hire Kft

    Where are your credentials and secrets stored? In .env files or in environment variables, or even worse in config files? Are your primary AWS keys shared amongst developers? Do you still have SSH keys from former employees on your servers?

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  • Load Testing Your App

    Ian Littman Ian Littman's' country flag


    Want to find out which pieces of your site break down under load first, so you know how you'll need to scale before your systems catch fire? Load testing answers this question, and these days you can simulate full user behavior in a load test, rather than merely hammering a single endpoint.

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  • Browser APIs: the unknown Super Heroes

    Rowdy Rabouw Rowdy Rabouw's' country flag

    Web developer and engineer @ double-R webdevelopment

    Still think browsers are only capable of parsing HTML, CSS and JavaScript? Think again! Browsers have become much more powerful and contain numerous APIs that can enrich the user experience or are just plain fun.

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  • Writing Effective PHP

    Nuno Maduro Nuno Maduro's' country flag

    Software Engineer @ Algolia

    This talk is about writing PHP Code that is: safe, robust, maintainable, and optimized for the reader. We are going to cover a set of rules, that if you follow them; they will get you on the habit of writing code well.

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  • Git Legit

    Pauline Vos Pauline Vos's' country flag

    Software Engineer & Scrum Master @ Werkspot

    Using pre-recorded demos, you'll learn how to properly interactively rebase, fix up, reset, bisect, and more. By the end of the talk, you'll have seen how this Git flow will make your life easier and how it will affect your ability to cherry pick, drop unwanted commits, and most importantly: not spend hours resolving conflicts in rebase hell. A little change in habits can go a very long way!

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  • Making architecture explicit

    Herberto Graca Herberto Graca's' country flag

    Senior PHP Developer @ Werkspot

    In this talk, you will learn about the architecture mental map I use to answer these questions. We will briefly revisit a few established software development and architecture ideas and see how you can put them in your service to help keep the mud out of your application.

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  • The Big "Why equal doesn't equal" Quiz

    Juliette Reinders Folmer Juliette Reinders Folmer's' country flag

    Business Consultant @ Advies en zo

    So you think you know PHP? But do you really?

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  • Symfony as a software engineer: hexagonal architecture and interoperability

    Thomas Dutrion Thomas Dutrion's' country flag

    Founder @ Engineor

    Aiming to provide an approach beyond the official documentation, we will emulate a very simple web application, starting from a Symfony skeleton and adding many requirements all along the tutorial.

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  • Boosting your performance with Blackfire

    Marko Mitranic Marko Mitranic's' country flag

    Senior Backend Developer and Team Coordinator @ Catena Media

    In this workshop we will talk about our struggles with whipping PHP Applications into shape, as well as work together on some of the more interesting examples of CPU or IO drain.

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  • PANEL: Road to seniority

    Miro Svrtan Miro Svrtan's' country flag

    Trainer / senior engineer

    Idea behind this panel is to have a whole harted discussion and ask from panelists to share their lessons, stories, experiences & opinions.

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